Brushed & Blushed.


I wouldn't consider myself an expert on makeup brushes. These days, I'm more focused on just getting it on so I can get started with my day or run one of the boys to baseball practice or games! I'm a Mami on the move and while I'm still fabulous, I'm doing it in activewear. Cute activewear, but wear. The fancy word that Heidi uses to describe it on Project Runway I believe, is "athleisure". 
So, that's me. No makeup guru. Just a single Mami trying to run three companies under one brand, and get my guys where they need to be. So having said that, I received a beautiful set of brushes about two weeks ago. I have some experience with brushes, because although I'm not a professional MUA, I do know what feels good on my skin. I know what makes my face look good. We design brushes as part of the PoshLifeBeauty collection.